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Terms and Conditions

By completing your registration to take part in Oxfam Trailwalker India (the “Event”) every participant (“you” / “participant” / “team member”) agrees to adhere to following all terms and conditions set out by the Event organiser, Oxfam India:


The Event: 

• You undertake to either walk or run 100 km in teams of four along a predetermined trail route within 48 hours (or 50 km within 24 hours depending on the chosen format at the time of registration), and within the checkpoint cut-off times outlined by Oxfam Trailwalker India (“Event”).

• You understand that you can only partake in the Event as a team of four members (the “Team”) and by identifying a support crew member/s, all of whom must be 18 years of age or more on the day the Event starts. You understand that it will be your obligation to assemble the Team; the Event organisers will provide assistance where required. 

• You acknowledge that the Event is organised by Oxfam India (“Event Organiser”) in order to raise funds for Oxfam India’s work across the country.

• You acknowledge and agree that you have chosen of your own free will to enter the Event and have not relied on any representations, statements or inducements by Oxfam when entering the Event.

Entry to the Event:

• By submitting an application, you (the “Team Leader”) are agreeing to enter into the Event and agree to abide by these Terms and Conditions, the Event Guide and any instructions given by the Event Organiser and officials of the Event, on behalf of your Team.

• You will register as Team Leader and pay the Event Joining Contribution (“Joining Contribution”) of INR 20,000 on behalf of the Team, provided you have each member’s permission to provide their contact details to the Event Organiser. 

• You confirm that each member of the Team meets the requirements for entry into the Event and that their contact details provided are accurate, correct and up to date. By participating in the Event, each member of the Team will be deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions.

• You understand that your Team’s place in the Event is confirmed once all criteria are met i.e.
1. Payment of the Joining Contribution on behalf of the Team
2. Receiving confirmation from the Event Organiser of your Team’s entry.
3. The team raises the minimum fundraising amount on or before the minimum fundraising date which Oxfam India will communicate in addition to the Joining Contribution

• You agree that valid details of all members of the Team must be recorded at the point of registration.

• You agree that no further amendments to the Team will be permitted after the date stipulated by the Event. After this point, please contact the Event Organiser (Hyderabad: trailwalkerhyderabad@oxfamindia.org | Mumbai: trailwalkermumbai@oxfamindia.org | Bengaluru: trailwalkerbengaluru@oxfamindia.org) who may consent to any amendments to the Team at their discretion.


• You acknowledge that the Event is a fundraising event in aid of Oxfam India exclusively.

• You agree that the Team will collectively raise the minimum fundraising pledge of INR 80,000 and share responsibility for raising this amount.

• You understand that the Team’s fundraising target does not include the Joining Contribution of INR 20,000.

• You agree that all funds raised must be paid to Oxfam India by the fundraising deadlines.

• You understand that failing to meet your minimum fundraising pledge before the stipulated deadline may result in the Team being disqualified from the Event as well as refusal from subsequent Oxfam sponsored challenges. No refunds will be payable.

• You agree that the Team will not use the Event to raise funds for any charity other than Oxfam India.


• You agree that you undertake the Event entirely at your own risk and will not hold the Event/ Event Organiser responsible for:

(a) any damage to, or loss of personal property; or
(b) any accident or injury which does not result from the negligence of the Event Organiser, arising directly or indirectly or in any manner whatsoever out of or in connection with the Event; or
(c) any costs incurred in the lead up to and the Event itself; including but not limited to, should the Event Organisers decide to cancel or suspend the event. 

The hazardous nature of the Event: 

• You understand that the Event involves sustained physical exercise in a remote area and involves walking at night over rugged terrain.

• You agree that you are responsible for your own fitness and health to take part in the Event and have consulted a doctor about your participation if you have a medical condition or concerns, or if you are over the age of 60 years.

• You understand that all members of the Team must be 18 years or over on the date of the Event to be eligible to take part in the final walk.

• You understand that any member/s of the team who is/are 60 years or older (as on the day of the Event), will need to furnish a medical certificate from a certified professional stating that they are fit to participate in the Event.

• You understand that the Event will include several road crossings and some short sections along roads. All normal road rules apply and teams should take extreme care while on roads.


Cancellation by you before the Event: 

• You acknowledge that should you wish to cancel your entry to the Event, the Joining Contribution is non-refundable, save in exceptional circumstances as determined by the Event Organisers at their absolute discretion.

• You agree that a substitution of any of the Team is permitted until three weeks before the Event. All changes must be communicated to the Event Organiser before the stipulated date. Any changes made after this date are confirmed at the discretion of the Event Organiser.

• If an individual participant withdraws from the event either prior to or during the event, all of the donations made to their individual fundraising page will still count as part of the team’s fundraising. No donations will be refunded.

• You understand that in the three weeks prior to the Event, teams of three members may be given permission to start the Event. Permission is required in writing from the Event Organiser. Teams of less than three people will not be permitted to take part in the event.

• You understand that the Team with less than four members will be considered as an incomplete team. Upon completion of the Event, members of such teams will receive Individual Completion certificates (as opposed to Team Completion certificates for complete teams) and medals.

Cancellation by you during the Event: 

• You agree that any member of the Team who is injured or exhausted during the Event must be brought to the nearest checkpoint for assistance. If the casualty cannot be moved, one person from the Team must stay with them while the remaining members seek help. Under no circumstances is a casualty to be left unattended. 

• You agree that if you wish to withdraw from the Event you must 

1) report to the nearest checkpoint or contact an Event Organiser,
2) return the Event RFID wristband and
3) collect a duly filled and signed Retirement Slip

• You understand that it is the responsibility of the remaining Team members to ensure that the Event Organisers are aware of the withdrawal of any Team member and the Team may not continue until it has been reported. The Retirement Slip needs to be furnished at all subsequent checkpoints by the Team.

• You understand that with the permission of the Event Organiser, Teams with three remaining members may be permitted to start the Event, as a last resort, or continue in the event of a member of the Team withdrawing during the Event.

• You understand that Teams with two remaining members may not start the Event

• Support crews must have the capability to provide support at each checkpoint and be able to transport Team members if they withdraw from the Event.

Cancellation by us: 

• You understand that the Event Organisers reserve the right to cancel, alter or suspend the Event with or without notice, in consultation with Emergency Services and major event stakeholders/government/land owners. Reasons that the Event may be cancelled are, but not limited to: disease/outbreak, fire, flood, adverse weather conditions (including high temperatures), acts of war or violence, malicious damage, explosion, earthquake, strike, lockdown declared by Government, civil disturbances, political unrest, riot, labour dispute, power cuts, path instability or any other causes beyond the Event Organisers’ control.

• Refund rules in case of cancellation by Event Organiser

Joining Contribution:

In the unlikely event that Oxfam Trailwalker is cancelled, you will be given the option to have your registration fee;

a) donated to Oxfam's life-saving work;

b) carried over to the next year's Event in full;

Funds raised as part of the minimum fundraising pledge towards the Event participation are considered as donations towards Oxfam India, and will not be refunded. Donation Certificates for the same will be issued.

Rules and Regulations, and Expected Behaviour:

• You warrant that you have sufficient competence, knowledge, common sense, experience, and equipment to participate in the Event in a manner which will be safe to you and others.

• You understand that the Team must start together, remain together on the trail and must check in at each checkpoint and the finish point together. The Team may not leave a checkpoint until the whole Team has reached that checkpoint (unless a team member withdraws - please see Cancellation by you during the Event for more details). 

• You agree that the Team’s recorded time at each checkpoint and at the finish will be the time of arrival of the last member of the Team.

• You acknowledge that it is the Team’s responsibility to ensure that they have been correctly checked-in at each checkpoint.

• You agree that you may not be transported by vehicle along any portion of the trail or between any points on it, unless you have formally withdrawn from the Event. Not adhering to this rule shall lead to Team disqualification.

• You agree to wear the RFID wristband and identification bib number at all times during the Event.

• You agree to return the RFID wristbands on finishing the Event to be liable for a refund of INR 2,000 per team (which you will have paid in cash during the Bib Distribution Event before the main event).

• You agree to comply with the Environmental Codes enlisted on the Event website at all times during the Event. (This includes but is not limited to all participants and support crews respecting the environment, not littering on the trail, and using litter and recycling bins at the checkpoints).

• You understand that the Team must leave each checkpoint before the maximum cut off time in order to continue during the Event.

• You understand that failure to wear identification numbers, failure to comply with safety order notices issued by the Event Organiser, failure to follow the rules and regulations/Event Guide or acting dangerously or unfairly to gain advantage during the Event may result in disqualification.

• You agree to keeping noise levels to a minimum when walking in residential areas, specifically at night.

• You agree to behave in a way that does not cause offence to fellow participants, event staff, event volunteers or the public, and does not in a way bring the Event Organiser disrepute.

• Oxfam India reserves the right to close or alter stages and/or checkpoint closure times for safety or any other reason. Checkpoint times have been calculated based on teams completing the Event in the past years. If some teams are faster than expected, there may be reduced resources available and not all functionality may be available.

• You understand that Oxfam Trailwalker is a non-smoking, non-drinking event, and you agree to abide by the same. Any Team/ Team Member found smoking or consuming alcohol during the Event may be disqualified.

• You agree to comply to the Event Organiser’s policy on Sexual Harassment.


Pre-Event Registration and Check-in: 

• You understand that the Team must reach at the registration on Event day before starting the walk.

• You understand that registration is a mandatory safety procedure and it is the Team’s responsibility to ensure that this is completed in good time prior to their allocated starting slots.

• You understand that no member of the Team should be substituted after the Team has registered onsite at the Event.

• You agree that if you are deemed by the Event Organisers to be inadequately equipped or prepared you may be disqualified on safety grounds. (A list of essential items will be provided to all participants).

Support Crew: 

• You agree that each Team must have a support crew to provide practical and emotional support throughout the Event. Each support crew is responsible for transporting the Team’s provisions, including food, changes of clothes, a first aid kit and any necessary medication during the Event (professional event medics will be on hand for serious incidents). It is strongly recommended that your support crew consists of two people. 

• You understand you must organise your own support crew to transport you to the start and from the finish and to provide assistance at checkpoints along the trail. Your support crew will also be responsible for transporting any members of the Team that withdraw from the Event.

• You agree to communicate to your support crew that they must drive safely, remain well rested and only arrive at checkpoints when required to avoid congestion and park safely, without hindering the flow of traffic or endangering the safety of participants and other people. 

• You agree that some checkpoints may be closed to support crew at the Event Organiser’s discretion subject to weather conditions.

• You agree that only one support crew vehicle per team is allowed access to a checkpoint’s parking area at any one point and only one vehicle pass will be issued per support crew. 

Results and Awards: 

• You acknowledge that only registered members of the Team who complete the Event will receive a medal.

• You agree that only registered teams that complete their challenge as a team of four within the relevant cut-off time will be entered into the official team results. 

Marketing and Communications:

• You agree that images, video/film and interview material of all the Team and support crew members taken during the event may be used by the Event Organiser to promote the Event and Oxfam sponsored challenge events in the future.

• You agree that images, video and interview material taken at training days, or any other Oxfam event, including material uploaded to teams' online fundraising pages may be used by Oxfam in future promotions.

• You agree that it may not be possible to share with you all photographs/videos captured during the Event 

• You understand and agree that the Event Organisers will contact you regularly with administrative communications about your taking part in the Event, including logistical and fundraising information.


Your Data:

We collect some or all of the following Personal Data from you when you register to participate and when you participate in the Event. 

  • Name 
  • Email 
  • Phone number 
  • DOB 
  • Gender 
  • Postal address 
  • Medical information 
  • Emergency contact information
  • Part of this data may be shared with event organisation partner/s who oversee participant safety throughout the event.

-  to provide you with details of the Event;
-  to administer the Event and enable you to participate in the Event
-  to satisfy our legal, accounting or reporting requirements.

• We process any medical data which you disclose so as to protect your health during the Event. If the need arises, this will be shared with our Medical supplier – to keep you safe in case you need assistance during the Event (Name, Gender, DOB, Medical Information, Mobile Number, Emergency Contact Name and Number).

We share your data: 

-  With the Event photographers – in connection with the Event photography (Name, Team Name). This is so that you are able to find photos of yourself post the Event.

-  With the Tracking (RFID) agency – to enable them to process the RFID data for the Event. (Title, Name, Mobile Number, Emergency Contact Name and Number).

-  On our Trailwalker website - trailwalker.oxfamindia.org - to enable you to track your progress through the Event, in regards to Fundraising (Name, Team Name).


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