Briefing Presentation - Facebook Live

Download the event briefing presentation (from the Facebook Live session) here.

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Event forms

All teams have to fill the following forms in complete before participating in the Mumbai Trailwalker event. Based on the receipt of the same, teams will be issued their BIBS. Please download all the files from the links below, and ensure they are filled correctly. There are three forms - Team Confirmation Form, Disclaimer Form and the Medical Form (to be filled individually by the team members).

1. Team Confirmation Form (one per team): Click Here to Download.

2. Disclaimer Form (one per team): Click Here to Download.

3. Medical Form (one per participant i.e. four per team): Click Here to Download.

Please submit these forms in hardcopy during the Bib Distribution event on 17-18 November 2018.

Event Handbook

All that you need to know about Oxfam Trailwalker India 2018-19 - the trail, the training, the fundraising, the Support Crew and more. Download the Event Handbook for more information on how to gear up for this experience of a lifetime.

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Support crew handbook

As the teams stride towards the finish line, Support Crew will have the most crucial role of being their ‘backbone‘. Please go through this detailed guide to understand what entails the responsibility of Support Crew.

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Volunteer handbook

Volunteers can assist during the event in a number of ways, all of which are listed out in this handbook. Please read to get acquainted with the tasks and be the fuel for the change!

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