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2019-04-30 05:30:00
match funding

Know AboutMatch Funding

KNOW ABOUTMatch Funding

Many corporates/ employers have match funding programmes, where they will match the amount raised by you or your team i.e. the employer will contribute the same amount of funds as raised by your team - which will lead to doubling of the funds. Eg. If your team raises INR 40,000, your employer will contribute the same and your team will have already achieved your Minimum Fundraising Target of INR 80,000.

Even if your employer doesn't have such a programme, they might still be willing to make a donation - all you have to do is ask! If you are participating as an individual or with another team, and not representing your employer, you may still be eligible for match funding from your employer, you will need to check.

Who to ask?
Speak to your HR or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) department and ask if your company matches funds or has another programme in place to donate a certain amount to charitable causes. Let them know about your participation at Oxfam Trailwalker, and check for possibilities.

How we can help?
We can provide all information or official documentation that your company may need detailing our 80G status. We will be happy to send your employer a Letter of Gratitude and a Certificate of Appreciation after the event, on request.

Some match funding organisations:
The following companies have in the past contributed to their employees’ Oxfam Trailwalker journeys through match funding programmes: 3M, AMP, Australand, Barclays, Bloomberg, CISCO, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Diageo Spirits, Ebay, Google, Goldman Sachs, Macquarie Group, Sun Microsystems, Symantec, Thomson Reuters, UBS, Unilever and Vodafone, among others.

If you don't see your employer on the list, ask if they would consider a match funding programme!

Disclaimer: Please note that the products mentioned are to illustrate activities and the change that your donation can make to the lives of marginalized and vulnerable people. Oxfam India, based on the need on the ground, will allocate resources to areas that need funds the most.