Oxfam India’s Policies

Against Sexual Harassment at the Workplace

Oxfam India is committed to protecting employees from sexual harassment at the workplace and has an effective policy along with functional Internal Complaints Committees as per the prevalent law. Also we encourage all our stakeholders including NGO partners, consultants, vendors and agencies to adopt practices that ensure protection from sexual harassment on their work premises.

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Against Child Abuse

Oxfam India is a responsible organization that follows and endorses Child Protection. We also maintain zero tolerance towards any form of child abuse or exploitation. We aim to build stakeholder relationships with institutions, agencies, individuals and organisations with similar commitments to all four sets of rights of children i.e. Rights to Survival, Development, Protection and Participation.

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Against Exclusion of People with Disabilities

Oxfam India has a strong focus on ensuring equal rights and opportunities for all, including people with disabilities.  Disability is seen as a cause and a consequence of poverty, and without recognizing disability rights, we cannot achieve our vision of the right life and dignity for all. At Oxfam India, we promote inclusion and intend to address the barriers that exclude people with disabilities from full and equal participation in society. We offer equal employment opportunities to all without discrimination.  . 

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Gender Mainstreaming Policy

Oxfam India (OIN) is committed to the principle of gender justice, non-discrimination, equal opportunity for all, and gender friendly laws at the workplace. Gender mainstreaming is a concept of ensuring equality amongst all irrespective of biological differences amongst women and men. The gender mainstreaming policy would involve interests of women and men becoming central to programme analysis and planning, resource allocation, implementation, research, policy development, influencing, monitoring and evaluation of programmes. OIN’s gender mainstreaming policy provides a framework for ensuring gender is mainstreamed across Oxfam India’s programmes. This policy is intended to guide OIN’s work and provide staff and partners with guidelines on gender mainstreaming.  

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Whistle Blowing Policy

The Whistle Blowing Policy of Oxfam India aims to reinforce the organization’s commitment to its values, attitudes and behaviours. The purpose of this policy is to provide an effective procedure for people to raise their concerns when they believe that abuse, serious malpractice or professional misconduct has taken place, which will impact any actual or potential violation of the Code of Conduct & Behaviour at Work policy.

This policy applies to all staff of Oxfam India and those of Partner organizations, as well as Vendors and Vendor organizations who are in a relationship with Oxfam India. The policy covers the responsibility to report all wrongful acts committed by staff of Oxfam India, partners and members of the governing body only to the Ombudspersons, who are officially appointed to receive complaints, initiate the investigation. The Ombudspersons will also keep track of all reported cases and report the same to the Board.

Details of Ombudsperson:

Sutapa Banerjee - ombudsperson1@oxfamindia.org
Sunil Verma - ombudsperson2@oxfamindia.org

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