This breathtaking trail will give you a spectacular countryside experience. Starting from the edge of a beautiful valley in the Nandi hills, the trail passes through more than 30 villages. Plantations of grapes, vegetables and flowers dot the picturesque landscape. There is mild ascent and descent at various places on the trail to challenge your endurance, but the beautiful environs will surely keep you motivated!

Start Point to Checkpoint 1 (Distance 12.4km)

SultanpetHigh School to village temple place, Nasikuntehosur village

Sultanpetto Nasikuntehosur

Cumulative Total: 12.4km

Starting from Sultanpetin Chikkaballapur district, the first 4.2 km walk is on tar road. The rest of the path is through a lake bund, village kuchha road leading to Nasikuntehosur village which hosts Checkpoint 1. On the way, you will cross village Channapura, Chikkarapanahally, Sonnapura.

Checkpoint 1 to Checkpoint 2 (Distance 12km)

Nasikuntehosur village to Govt. High School, Melekote village

Cumulative Total: 24.4km

This stretch is 70% village mud road, 25% uphill forest trek path and 5% village tar road. The trail passes through forests, fields and through the Skandagiri hills. There is a lake en route. You will pass through villages Kaaganahalli, Gochanahalli to finally reach Checkpoint Melekote at 12.0 km.

Checkpoint 2 to Checkpoint 3 (Distance 12km)

Govt. High School, Melekote village to Govt. Primary School, Karnala village

Cumulative Total: 36.4km

This stretch is 100% mud road. The trail loops around hillocks and vegetables plantations. It’s passes through villages Bhomenahalli, Gatakanahalli, Kurvegere to finally end at Checkpoint 3 of Govt. Upper Primary School in Karnala village.

Checkpoint 3 to Checkpoint 4 (Distance 11.6km)

Govt. Primary School, Karnala village to Primary School, Jayanagara village

Cumulative Total: 48km

Checkpoint 4 & Start Point 50 KM

Between checkpoints 3 and 4 you will pass by a brick kiln and poultry farms. This trail is a combination of metal/tar and mud road. As much as 70% of the trail is mud path and 30% is tar and village road. You will see villages Laxmidevpura, Gangasandra and Medahalli.

Checkpoint 4 to Checkpoint 5 (Distance 11.1km)

Primary school Jayanagara village to Govt. PU college Konaghatta village

Cumulative Total: 59.1km

The picturesque Shivapura lake is located on this stretch. The trail is a combination of metal/tar roads, lake bund and mud paths. This route will take you through villages Shivapura and Kodihalli.

Checkpoint 5 to Checkpoint 6 (Distance 6.4km)

Govt. PU College Konaghatta village to Govt. Primary School village Dandu Dasakodigehalli

Cumulative Total: 65.5km

This is the first short stretch of the trail. The trail comprises village roads, mud paths and forest trek. Villages Ancharahalli and Kurubarahalli are located in this stretch.

Checkpoint 6 to Checkpoint 7 (Distance 10.0km)

Govt. Primary School village Dandu Dasakodigehalli to Biswanathpura Govt. College

Cumulative Total: 75.5km

This part comprises Nilgiri tree plantations, hillocks and vineyards. Mostly mud path, you will cross villages Sonamanahalli, Koaira to reach Checkpoint 7.

Checkpoint 7 to Checkpoint 8 (Distance 8.5km)

Biswanathpura Govt. College – Open space – Village T Hosehalli/Kannamangala Palaya

Cumulative Total: 84km

The trail is a combination of metal/tar and mud paths passing through villages Peddanahalli and Uganavadi.

Checkpoint 8 to Checkpoint 9 (Distance 7km)

Village T Hosehalli/Kanna Mangala to village Devanahalli

Cumulative Total: 92.6km

More than 75% of this section is mud path. In this section, you will pass by Devanahalli fort (birthplace of Tipu Sultan).

Checkpoint 9 to Finish Point (Distance 7.4km)

Village Devanahalli to Brigade Orchard Resort, South Gate

Cumulative Total: 100km

As much as 60% of the stretch from Devanahalli village is mud path and village tar road. Also, you will walk about 1.4km on the NH service road before reaching Brigade Orchard, South Gate.