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| Jan 23, 2018

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What makes great teams?

by: kahebbar

The story of team 'Power Walkers' inspires me and could inspire many others too and so I write about it. All four of us - Anand Tilak Rao (Retd. Commander, Indian Navy), Monisha Charles, Henna Kalro and yours truly Anil Hebbar had a common item on our bucket lists, which was to one day walk the 100 km Oxfam Trailwalker. I have been trying for the last couple of years to be a part of a team but somehow things did not come together and I failed to enthuse three other people to partner me. This year's attempt started over a dinner with Tilak who is a truly inspiring individual, a fitness freak. His looks are deceptive and he could easily pass off as a new entrant to the Indian Navy and not the retired Commander that he is. I am someone who hates all forms of exercise except walking which I have religiously done all my life as my sole weapon to keep physically fit. I ran the first Mumbai marathon when I was 40 and ran a few more in the next few years but gave it up as running on concrete roads was not a pleasurable thing to do for someone who weighed more than a 100 kg. So over dinner at the RSI Club, the two 50 plus year old hatched a plan to walk this year in the Bengaluru trailwalker. We tried to be part of a couple of other teams but they had only place for one of us and that was not acceptable to us and so we decided to form our own team. I talked about this with another participant Priyanka during our November trek in Uttarakhand and she knew of somebody who might probably be interested and passed on Monisha's number to me. Monisha immediately agreed though she was not quite confident whether she could complete 100 km and she put me on to Henna who she said could be interested. One phone call was all that was required to rope in Henna and we had a team of four self-motivated individuals three of whom didn't know the other, three living in Bengaluru and I in Mumbai. We decided to call ourselves the 'Power Walkers'. One thing common between us was an intense desire to take part in the event and we registered a few hours before the deadline for closure of the registrations! One thing that was bugging most of us was the little time left to raise the minimum required donations of Rs.80,000 though I had little doubt that we could do it. Hadn't we read somewhere that where there is a will there is a way? We made an appeal to our friends on Facebook and WhatsApp and with a little bit of nudging many of our friends and relatives started contributing and in good time we have crossed the Rs. 1 lakh mark. The enthusiasm of our three members living in Bengaluru is amazing. Each one lives in a different corner of the city but they have managed to do a few long walks together apart from doing regular 5-7 km walks wherever they might be. I have taken it a bit easy as I have recently recovered from a torn ligament but the enthusiasm of our team has sufficiently pumped me up and I have no doubts that I can easily do the 100 km on the day of the walk. For someone who dreads WhatsApp groups, the messages on this group is one which I look forward to and though I will meet Monisha and Henna for the first time on the day of the event, I already feel that our team has been together for long.With our common goal being to walk the 100 km and each one of us brimming with self-motivation, I have no doubts that the 'Power Walkers' will rock the walk.


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