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TEAM BLOG | Aug 20, 2019

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The Transition Begins!

The Transition Begins!

by: TeamChands

For the past 3 years, an annual tradition had formed in my family's WhatsApp group. we would all begin excitedly talking about doing the OxFam Trailwalker race that year. For a few days, we would make plans, look at flights, and do some exercise to 'prepare'. And then the excitement would die down, the reality of what such a race involves would set in, and we would quietly and smoothly move the conversation away from the topic. But this year? This year is different. The flights are booked, the fees are paid, and the mind is made up. This is the year we TRANSITION into people who DO instead of people who TALK. In the next post, we'll be talking about the important cause that gave us the motivation this year to make that transition. But for now, join us as we begin our fundraising campaign and as we run and hike, join us as we struggle and join us as we push forward. Till next time.


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