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2019-04-30 05:30:00


| Dec 06, 2017

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Rambling, Walking, Practicing....All Together


<p><p>Team Ramblers (Girish, Fernando, Anup and Purushotham) have come together to participate in the Oxfam 100 kms trailwalk primarily to support the cause. We also aim to have an awesome experience during the walk and our preparation has started in right earnest!! Thanks to our team members, friends and well-wishers we were able to collect the minimum fund of 80,000 within 8 weeks time!!! The support and donations is much appreciated and now we are focusing only on preparing well for the event!</p><p>We have already done two practice walks as a team - covered 16 kms first time and 29 kms second time. This has helped all four of us to bond better and also better understand each one's stamina and strength. We were super excited during the practice walks and plan to do couple of more walks before 2nd February.</p><p>We are passionate about giving back something good to our society and that is our primary goal to participate in the walk. Some of us are veterans of the walk (participating for the fifth time) while for one of us, it will be a 'debut' on 2nd Feb. However, we are absolutely sure that we will have a once in a life experience during the walk as the four of us have got together as a team for the first time. Now we are trying to persuade some of our support crew to also join us during practice walks. Our support crew is going to the greatest pillar of strength during the walk and we want to make sure that all of us have a memorable experience during the walk. <br>That's it folks... until our next blog... signing off.</p><p>Team Ramblers</p><br></p>


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