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2019-04-30 05:30:00


| Dec 07, 2017

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Fundraising made easy

by: TWuser42568

Fundraising isn't an easy game these days, particularly when you are involved in some charity event year on year. Contribution through voluntary donations can only take you to a certain level. It also depends on how big your friends & family circle.
One of the secret for achieving fundraising target quickly is to earn it rather than soliciting voluntary aid. As an example I proposed to pick up my Manager to work every day for a month, in return he contributed the amount that he would have otherwise spent on hiring private cabs. The trick here was to get an agreement for a longer period leading to large contribution. It worked in my case and I am sure it can work for any one. This has not only helped me in achieving my fundraising target, we have also partnered in reducing our carbon footprint. Like someone said you practice something for 21 days and it becomes a habit. I won't be surprised if we start carpooling on a more sustainable basis.

Some other ideas to help you get a jump start:
- Get home cooked food and share it with your colleague (bachelors perhaps) and charge a fee
- Collect newspapers from your neighbors (works in larger communities) sell them for a good rate and use the proceeds for fundraising.
- Invite people home for lunch/dinner and charge an amount. To make it interesting you can binge on movies.
- Conduct games like Tambola, sell tickets to everybody you can think of (works well in a team environment), winners can contribute the winning amount

If you are looking for a more rapid way of fundraising follow these tips:
- Focus on crowd funding, it’s modern, efficient and exploits the power of internet.
- Keep your posts and tweets flowing.. Timely update is key. Needless to say WhatsApp is also a powerful media.
- Thank your supporters, they help spreading the word.
- Update your blogs and FB post with compelling message, engaging photos and reasonable goals.
- Don't be afraid to share or ask for help
- Shoot for daily targets, it’s easier when large goals are broken down to smaller achievable targets.
- Actively promote the cause, more awareness leads to more contributions. Use all available options, team meeting, marriages, chai pe charcha...


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Disclaimer: Please note that the products mentioned are to illustrate activities and the change that your donation can make to the lives of marginalized and vulnerable people. Oxfam India, based on the need on the ground, will allocate resources to areas that need funds the most.