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PAST WALKERS | Jul 04, 2019

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Fighting against Social Stigma

Fighting against Social Stigma

by: trailwalker

This post, for me, is majorly Multiple Sclerosis (MS) monster related.

Since 2011 when I got my first MS attack, I realised that I was beginning to feel lesser than what I was. I felt low, felt that something missing in me, and a part of me is dying; making me way more different from other people. When my son was two years old, I got my worst MS relapse - paralysed chest down and was confined to the wheel chair for three months. 

While on one hand I was already feeling different and low, people around me never let a chance go where they would not pull a jibe at me - she is lazy, she just sleeps all day, she does nothing at home. Oh come on, I don't have control over such things, and you don't have to make it all the more difficult! I was being sidelined. I started feeling different, very different. But every MS patient will agree that this measly monstrous MS has taught us of our strengths we were never aware of!

Yes, at times we need help, but we all live fiercely independent lives. We push ourselves to do better than the day before and take steps every day to a better, healthier life.

And this year, I am taking up the opportunity to walk and fight against social stigma!

I am walking the 50km Oxfam Trailwalker because I believe every one has the right to be treated equally, regardless of their sexuality, regardless of their explicable or inexplicable medical conditions like us, regardless of the colour of their skin, regardless of their age and regardless of their gender! Every individual has the right to be treated without prejudice and equally. I am lucky because my husband and mother-in-law have been the biggest pillars of support, but not everyone gets acceptance and support.

This is my motivation to push my MS tortured numb legs to take those 62500 steps and complete the 50km trail.. My team Recovery Walkers will be taking 62500 steps each, towards a better world, a world where everyone lives without prejudice.

But how will our 2,50,000 steps help? If we can raise a rupee for every step, imagine the potential of change that we can bring about. Help us fight for the cause, support our fight against the social stigma.

Thanks and Love to All!

Show Brahmjot that this fight will not go in vain, CLICK HERE to donate to her team now!


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