By Vamshi Krishna

My Experience In Raising Funds For Trailwalker

Oxfam India Trailwalker posed a challenge which had two key objectives: walk 100 km in a team of four within 48 hours and raise a minimum pledge amount for projects aimed at making a difference to society.

I was successful in finding three other likeminded walkers but had to pause before we went ahead with the fundraising objective. We laid out a strategy: each walker is responsible for raising 1/4th of the pledge amount. Our first outreach was to family, friends and colleagues – we got them to Like our FB page.

Believe it or not, we never had any traction for the first 15 days. So we decided to rejig our strategy: make more noise through FB, especially on weekends for maximum Likes & Shares.

Guess what? It worked! And bore us fruits within 60 days of us registering for Trailwalker. We decided to push further. We updated our FB page on a weekly basis along with a real-time fundraising meter.

The result: our team ended up with three times the amount we had pledged by the time fundraising time limit was reached

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