By Oxfam Trailwalker


To push your limits, we’ re back with Mumbai Trailwalker 2014- full of challenges!

Taking place after the monsoon season, the Oxfam Team will set up a brand new trail just for you! Although, the trail has not changed much from last year, with the exception of 2 checkpoints which were moved places and a couple of dense forest parts removed for security reasons, the Oxfam team assures you that the trail will live up to its picturesque, yet demanding reputation!

The 100km trail starts at MDC, Garudmaachi near Pune, loops around the beautiful Mulshi Lake and traverses the Ghats to reach Lonavala.

Designed to push your mental and physical endurance, this trail comes off the beaten track by its landscape. Indeed, the Western Ghats, that make UNESCO’s World Heritage Site, is one of the “hottest hotspots” of biological diversity in the world. Quite a privilege to take part in this event here, right?

However, don’t let yourself get carried away by the picturesque and mesmerising beauty of the trail - watch your every step to avoid stepping on snakes or snake holes! As you can notice, an Indiana Jones facet is also awaiting you and your teammates!

With a diverse terrain comprising of hills, flat surfaces, mud roads, streams and stretches of trails through jungles, your determination will be severely tested.

According to Manoj Varma from “Every Miles counts”, last year’s fastest winning team, the Mumbai trail is one of the most toughest trails he did in India; “I start preparing about 3-4 months in advance with weekly targets. It involves running (short/medium/long distances) and lot of cross training. The idea is to train on similar terrain and same weather conditions. At times the team members may be located in different cities/countries, hence it is important to keep a track of the performance and progress of other members since you are running as a team.”

Come and be a part of one of the toughest and most scenic Oxfam trailwalk globally! The challenge awaits you!