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These Indians are in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons


Let’s play dark room! Do you think you’ll win? Find out #OutOfSpotlight

These Indians are out of the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. Find out why. #OutOfSpotlight

Have you ever wondered why women are expected to take their spouses surname after marriage? Or why women are expected to leave their jobs after having children?

That’s because it is a common practice which has been prevalent in our society for the longest time.

Such practices have only led women not enjoying an equal standing our society. 

They are always burdened under such social attitudes, they stop questioning these beliefs and start abiding by them.

Now, eight Indians have dared to step into the spotlight to answer six simple questions. The answers for these reveal the bitter truth of our so-called developing, open-minded society. Watch it here!

Acknowledging these existing practices is the first step to challenge and change perspectives. Do you think you have role to play in this?

Dare to step into the spotlight and challenge your friends too. Take the #outofspotlight quiz here.

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