By Oxfam Trailwalker

Oxfam India wins big at the #engo15 awards


@OxfamIndia gets the #engo15 award for building the amazing the #Trailwalker platform. Find out more.

It’s time to rejoice. All the hard work done over the last six months has paid dividends.

Oxfam India was declared the winner at the eNGO challenge South Asia, 2015 for developing a gaming platform to help communities raise funds for poverty alleviation.

This is a prestigious moment for us all. We want to take this opportunity and thank all the users of the Trailwalker platform without whose support this award would not have been possible.

Your support and contribution to make the Trailwalker platform as one-of-the-best has been instrumental in getting us this award.

Continue to support Oxfam India Trailwalker. Register for this year’s event and raise funds to help reduce inequality in the country.

Written by: Oxfam India staff

Photo credit: Oxfam India