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4 popular organisational team building activities

4 popular organisational team building activities

by: Oxfam

‘Team Building’ is the buzzword now. In terms of organisational development, team building activities have long term bearings on the working environment, the competence of each and every individual worker to achieve a common goal, a high impact learning experience and organisation productivity.

Many companies have been encouraging team building to build stronger relations among their employees, break the political and personal barriers among them, eliminate distractions, engage them in an enduring and conducive environment and motivate each of the employees.

Here is a list of 4 team building activities that organisations have been commonly undertaking in recent years:   

1) Volunteer

Volunteering for a cause as a team is a great way for co-workers to bond. Research suggests that when employees come together to help others, they help themselves by developing stronger relationships among each other. It also comes as a stress buster for every individual and fosters an improved work environment. It also develops a sense of ownership towards the cause you are working for.

2) Mystery Dinner

Mystery dinner is an HR activity where the employees are being sent to a dinner without prior knowledge of who he/she will be accompanied by. Through this activity, send your employees from different teams and departments to dine somewhere in the city. All you tell them is the name of the place, date and time. Good conversations and relationship building follows when the employees meet and greet each other at a place outside office.

3) Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt is a group game where the organisers prepare a list of specific items and the participants have to gather the items in shortest time. The organiser/HR can partner people from different departments, teams and hierarchies and plan a scavenger hunt around the office or even the city. Pump up the excitement by taking away their phones and wallets.

4) Oxfam Trailwalker

Oxfam Trailwalker is the ultimate team challenge. The participants need to form a team of four and walk 100kms in 48 hours. To complete the activity in time, the teams need to train in advance and bond with the team members so that the team members can be the physical and mental support for each other during the span of the activity. Oxfam has successfully organised trailwalker since 2012. Those 48 hours have built relationships which the participants cherished forever.

To be a part of this one of its kind group challenge, register now. Call us at 86919 86879 (for Mumbai) or 77604 29426 (for Bengaluru).




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