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PAST WALKERS | Jul 04, 2019

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Pain in Legs and Satisfaction in Heart

Pain in Legs and Satisfaction in Heart

by: trailwalker

Utkarsh Kumar, Team 3162, Misfits

We walked 100 km in 29 hours!

Yes, that's the distance we walked as a part of Oxfam Trailwalker 2018, starting 6 am on February 2.

It was long, it was painful, it was sleepy, but it was also beautiful and it was definitely worth the sense of accomplishment at the end.

We had also pledged to raise 1 lakh rupees (20k from team and 80k from others) as part of our commitment to #WalkTheChange to bring about a positive change in the society. Which we did, thanks to generous contributions from a lot of you! The details of this can be found at trailwalker.oxfamindia.org/TEAM3162.

The ordeal was made easier by corporate checkpoints nearly every 10 km, where you were welcomed warmly and generously provided water, food, physios (their massages were godsent!) Each checkpoint was managed by a company (I remember seeing GS, State Street, Swiss Re, Accenture).

The trail was through villages and beside plantations and lakes, which we weren't in a condition to appreciate beyond the first half. The full moon added to the beauty and surreality at night.

Say hello to the MISFITS
Shashank - the veteran. He has finished the walkathon 3 times until now. Unfortunately he had to drop out at 60km this time because his health didn't support him. Hats off to him for walking those last few kilometres given his state; only the doctor could make him stop in the end.

Sudarshini - the not-fit. She justifies the name misfit in her own way, given her flat feet and knee issues. She would cry while walking and yet not stop. Hats off to her for her willpower and determinism.

Sameer - he would have gladly stopped at any point in the time (his words, not mine ), and yet he never once complained about the physical pain and fatigue. He also kept us going with his stories and talk.

And lastly, the support crew! What would we have done without you guys taking such good care of us?
Dheeraj - You were humorous and cheerful with never-ending stories and energy. Extra points for helping Sudarshini on that last patch.
Rishiraj - Thanks for showing up despite asking you just the night before. You were cheerful and caring and much more than we could ask for.
Shipra and Preetam - thank you for showing up with that amazing dinner and for your cheerful and caring presence.

Signing off with pain in legs and satisfaction in heart.


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