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Can your team go the distance?

Your team has to walk 100 km in a limited time - usually 48 hours - in all weather and across some rough terrain. You must work together to all complete the distance within the time. It's a true test of teamwork and determination and for those that make it the sense of achievement is immense.

This is not just a physical challenge though, you will be raising money to overcome poverty and injustice around the world and at the same time acting as an ambassador for Oxfam's work.

There are sixteen trails to choose from in eleven different countries. They go through some spectacular locations including the mountains of Barcelona, rugged Australian bush and through a volcanically active national park in Japan that finishes at the foot of Mt. Fuji.

Since it began in 1981,1000s of walkers around the world have successfully taken on the challenge. In 2012 over 22,000 people collectively walked over 2.2 million kilometers and raised over $18 million US.

If you think you have the team to take on the challenge then take a look at our upcoming events and support resources.

We look forward to welcoming you to an event soon.

Why do it?

  • Checkpoint one - The challenge

    Trailwalker/trekker is an extraordinary human adventure that will push your limits both mentally and physically.

  • Checkpoint two - The team

    Oxfam Trailwalker/trekker is all about team spirit, from your walking buddies, to your support crew, to the Oxfam teams of volunteers and facilitators.

  • Checkpoint three - The cause

    Half the Oxfam Trailwalker/trekker challenge is fundraising - to bring about lasting change in peoples' lives.

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Key Dates

  • 23 Jan
    Oxfam India (Bengalaru)
  • 07 Mar
    Oxfam France (Wintertrail)
  • 28 Mar
    Oxfam New Zealand 10th Anniversary!
  • 10 Apr
    Oxfam Australia (Melbourne)
  • 18 Apr
    Oxfam Intermón (Spain, Girona)
  • 06 Jun
    Oxfam France
  • 19 Jun
    Oxfam Australia (Brisbane)
  • 20 Jun
    Oxfam Intermón (Spain, Madrid)
  • 01 Jul
    Oxfam Japan
  • 25 Jul
    Oxfam GB (South)
  • 01 Aug
    Oxfam Australia (Sydney)
  • 22 Aug
    Oxfam GB (North)
  • 29 Aug
    Oxfam Solidarity in Belgium
  • 01 Oct
    Oxfam Australia (Perth)
  • 20 Nov
    Oxfam Hong Kong
  • 27 Nov
    Oxfam India (Mumbai)

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