Starting from the edge of a beautiful valley, the trail is all set to give you a pleasant rural experience. The trail takes you through over 30 villages including of checkpoints, farm lands, lakes and vally around the trail and serves as quite picturesque. With mild accent and dissent at various places, the trail will challenge your endurance but the beautiful environs would keep you motivated. Entire of the trail one would get the feeling of being in the Silk City with Silk Cocoons almost outside every home.

Start Point to CP 1 (Distance- 8.8 Km)

Sathanuru to Ambedkar Colony/Borana Doddi Cumulative Total: 8.8 km. Starting from the edge of the Sathanuru Town of Ramnagara Dist., the first 2 km walk is on tar road, rest of the path is through the village kuchha road which takes you to duntoor village. At middle of this village you hit the village tar road, take left and walk approximately 1.3 km and take a right turn to reach Ambedkar Colony/Borana Doddi Village which hosts Check Point 1.

CP1 to CP 2 (Distance- 8.1 Km)

Ambedkar Colony/Borana Doddi Village to Primary and High School, Uyyamballi Village 

Cumulative Total: 16.9 km. 

One would pass through 2 villages between CP 1 and 2. This stretch also passes through two village Makalanda and Dodda Alahalli. You would walk on the edge of a big lake on right side of the trail. Birdwatchers, keep your cameras handy, you would surely see a few migratory birds here.

CP 2 to CP 3 (Distance- 13.4 Km)

Primary and High School, Uyyamballi Village to Nalahalli Village Temple

Cumulative Total: 30.3 km

This stretch is 50% of Tar and Village road and rest on mud road which is usually the village connecting stretches. You will cross the couple of villages Talekatte – Elagalli. It is quite greenery and valley route. Vast pastures and farms including the irrigation canal could be seen at various points on this stretch. Reaching Check Point 3 would be bliss, other than that you would have covered a quarter of the trail. 

CP 3 to CP 4 (Distance- 10.0 km)

Nalahalli Village to Primary School Kokrehosahalli Village

Cumulative Total: 40.3 km

Between Check Point 3 to 4 you pass behind the Arkavati Dam and river. To know more Click This was built in 2004 to helps in the irrigation of the nearby areas. You can expect some chilly breeze towards the evening between this stretches. Photographers be ready, this stretch is going to fascinate you enough with a huge water body. 80% of trail on mud paths between farms would ultimately take you to Check Point 4 - Kokrehosahalli School.

CP 4 to CP 5 (Distance- 6.6 km)

Kokrehosahalli Village School to Ramapura Doddi Junior College

Cumulative Total: 48.4

This is the shortest stretch of the trail. 80% of the route is on tar road. First about 1.5 km of trail you walk behind the part of Arkavathy river dam. You will cross village Marasandra to reach CP 5 Ramapura Doddi Junior college.

CP 5 to CP 6 (Distance- 14.7 km)

Ramapura Doddi Junior College to Village Chakanahalli

Cumulative Total: 61.6 km

This is the longest stretch of the trail and equal percentage of tar, mud and village road. You will cross the more than four villages to reach CP6 Chakanahalli.

CP 6 to CP 7 (Distance- 13.2 km)

Village Chakanahalli to Maralwadi School 

Cumulative Total: 74.8 km

Walking through the village roads and mud road you will cross more than seven villages to reach CP 7 Maralwadi. Previous two consecutive years this CP was part of the trail and as CP6. This is also 50% on tar road rest part more or less mud and village road. 

CP 7 to CP 8 (Distance- 10.2 km)

Maralwadi School to – Avaremale Rampura village

Cumulative Total: 85.0 km

55% of trail is on tar road and rest are on mud and village. On this section you will cross village Banawasi, Jettegowdna Valasai, Godur and Gadarenahalli to reach CP8 Avaremale Rampura village.

CP 8 to CP 9 (Distance- 9.1 km)

Avaremale Rampura village to Gottegihalli village primary school

Cumulative Total: 94.1 km

More than 70% of this section is through the mud road. 

CP 9 to Finish Point (Distance-5.9 km)

Gottegihalli village primary school to Elim Resort , Nettigere

Cumulative Total: 100 km

Be prepared for a tough section with quite some assent on the trail. Passing through many villages, you would reach a forested area. Stone Mines and Eucalyptus plantation can keep you spell bound. To reach the Finish point you would walk through a rocky terrain which would involve a mild climbing up and down pass through the famous Gundanjeeva Swami Temple. From this temple you have to final walk 2.6 km on tar road to reach Finish Point Elim Resort Nettigere.