Hitting the Trail- Bengaluru


Starting from the edge of a beautiful valley, the trail is all set to give you a pleasant rural experience.  The trail takes you through over 20 villages, farm lands, forest areas serves as quite picturesque. With mild accent and dissent at various places, the trail will challenge your endurance but the beautiful environs would keep you motivated. Towards the middle of the trail, as one enters Ramnagara, one would get the feeling of being in the Silk City with Silk Cocoons almost outside every home.


Start Point to CP 1 (Distance- 9.6 Km)

Pearl Valley to Binnamangalam Village
Cumulative Total: 9.6 km

Starting from the top edge of the valley, the first 2 km overlooks the valley, the path is through the village kuchha road taking you to State Highway. Cross over the highway, entering into a village; enjoy the Banyans you would never see in the city furthering into a farm/ forest trek path. At approximately 6 km from Start, hit the tar road and reach Binnamangalam Village which hosts Check Point 1.


CP1 to CP 2 (Distance- 7.9 Km)

Binnamangala Village to Gopasandram Village
Cumulative Total: 17.5 km

Rural interaction being the essence of this trail, one would pass through 5 villages between CP 1 and 2. This stretch also passes through quasi farm forest area, you would walk on the edge of a big pond which hardly has water these days. Birdwatchers, keep your cameras handy, you would surely see a few migratory birds here.


CP 2 to CP 3 (Distance- 8.4 km)

Gopasandram Village to Aurapally Village

Cumulative Total: 25.9 km

This stretch is all on tar road which is usually the village connecting stretches. Quite green and a lot of points where one can take rest under a tree. Vast pastures and farms could be seen at various points on this stretch.  Reaching Check Point 3 would be bliss, other than that you would have covered a quarter of the trail, you would also witness a 13th century temple at the CP.


CP 3 to CP 4 (Distance- 9.5 km)

Aurapally Village to Achubalam Village

Cumulative Total: 35.4 km

Check Point 3 and 4 are in Thally Town of Krishnagiri District of Tamil Nadu. Thally is known as Little England due to its climate. You can expect some chilly breeze towards the evening between this stretch. Photographers be ready, this stretch is going to fascinate you enough with a huge water body and a pair of Banyan Trees on its edge is just spectacular with a chance to witness the National Flower of India- Lotus. Majorly on tar road and then onto paths between farms would ultimately take you to Check Point 4- Achubalam School.


CP 4 to CP 5 (Distance- 13 km)

Achubalam School to Ukkada

Cumulative Total: 48.4

This is the longest stretch and also one of the most beautiful one on the trail. A good part of this section, you would be on the ridge of Bannerghatta National Park and would be able to see the whole of the National Park from atop. Spot a bunch of 6 Banyan Trees growing into each other at about 7 km from the CP4. Being a long stretch, be prepared and carry enough water but once you reach CP5, it would be just delightful as the CP is located in the middle of a jungle.


CP 5 to CP 6 (Distance- 8 km)

Ukkada to Maralwadi School

Cumulative Total: 56.4 km

After a real long stretch, this would be a relief to have the next point at just 7.5 km. One would be transitioning from Bannerghatta National Park into Silk City of Ramnagara and it would be well evident as you would spot silk worm cocoons outside the houses as you pass the villages now.


CP 6 to CP 7 (Distance- 11.4 km)

Maralwadi School to Devasandra School

Cumulative Total: 67.8 km

 Walking through the village roads, keep an eye for Kingfisher bird in this stretch. Towards the later part, you would pass through the pakdandi in the farms. You would be reaching Devasandra School, a huge compound outside the main village which hosts the CP 7 at 67.8 km on the trail. 


CP 7 to CP 8 (Distance- 11.3 km)

Devasandra School to Gundanjeeva Swami Temple

Cumulative Total: 79.1

Be prepared for a tough section with quite some assent on the trail. Passing through many villages, you would reach a forested area. Stone Mines and Eucalyptus plantation can keep you spell bound. To reach the Check point, you would walk through a rocky terrain which would involve a mild climbing up and down and ultimately reaching CP8 which is hosted on the top of a hill and also accommodates the famous Gundanjeeva Swami Temple. From this Check Point you would be able to see a part of Bangalore. 


CP 8 to CP 9 (Distance- 9.1 km)

Gundanjeeva Swami Temple to Chinnamanapalya School

Cumulative Total: 88.2 km


A beautiful stretch coming down from the CP8 having heavy plantation on both sides. One would cross over Kanakpura Main Road and go onto village roads. One would see a difference from extreme rural to a semi-rural here due to its vicinity with Kanakapura Road. CP 9 is hosted in the small Primary School of Chinnamanapalya Village.


CP 9 to Finish Point (Distance- 11.8 km)

Chinnamanapalya School to Eagleton Golf Resort

Cumulative Total: 100 km

Starting with the village roads, passing through brick kilns, mud/ trek paths, you would get onto the Bidadi Main road to reach the Finish Point at Eagleton Golf Resort, Bidadi.


Google Earth Map for Bengaluru Trailwalker 2014 >> Download here