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Mumbai (5-7 Dec 2014)
  • 171Teams Registered

  • 74,94,656Total raised

Bengaluru (23-25 Jan 2015)
  • 164Teams Registered

  • 13,85,053Total raised

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Oxfam India Trailwalker

Tackle 100km of Indian terrain within 48 hours as a team of four in an experience of a lifetime, and make a difference by raising funds in our fight against inequality. Current events in Mumbai and Bengaluru.

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  • Mumbai
    Hema Bajaj

    contributed on Mumbai Victors GOQii's page

    posted 8 minutes ago
  • Mumbai
    Trailwalker Member

    contributed on Walkie Talkies's page

    posted 9 minutes ago
  • Umesh Mittal

    liked a Mumbai Raiders's post

    posted 15 minutes ago
  • Mumbai
    Hiren Ved

    contributed on Mumbai Raiders's page

    posted 16 minutes ago
  • Bengaluru
    ravindra padghan

    contributed on Witness the Fitness's page

    posted 20 minutes ago
  • Umesh Mittal

    liked a Mumbai Raiders's post

    posted 31 minutes ago
  • Piyush Dixit

    commented on a Saurabh's post

    posted 35 minutes ago
  • Mumbai
    Lalita Wani

    contributed on Brick Eagle's page

    posted 36 minutes ago
  • Mumbai
    Nishad Ansari

    contributed on Mumbai Raiders's page

    posted 37 minutes ago
  • Piyush Dixit

    commented on a DAMCO's post

    posted 39 minutes ago

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  • My Experience In Raising Funds For Trailwalker

    Oxfam India Trailwalker posed a challenge which had two key objectives: walk 100 km in a team of four within 48 hours and raise a minimum pledge amount for projects aimed at making a difference to society.

    Posted on 04 Oct 2014

    Taking place after the monsoon season, the Oxfam Team will set up a brand new trail just for you! Although, the trail has not changed much from last year, with the exception of 2 checkpoints which were moved places and a couple of dense forest parts removed for security reasons, the Oxfam team assur

    Posted on 06 Sep 2014

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